by Brenda
“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

~ Dalai Lama
Restorative Yoga & Crystal Bowls 
Chakra Healing Workshop

A guided meditation will travel through a specific sequence of yin postures to balance the chakra system accompanied by the relaxing vibration of singing crystal bowls.

The chakras are energy systems within the body that align the spine starting at the base through to the crown of the head. Each chakra represents an aspect of our emotional body from feeling grounded and supported all the way to feeling fully connected spiritually.  The stress of everyday life often depletes and blocks our energy centers making us feel out of balance manifesting as pain, anxiety or sickness.

Yin yoga is a gentle practice which promotes stillness, surrender and acceptance. It opens the physical body and brings awareness to the emotional body.  With our bodies being about 70% water, the sound vibration from the crystal bowls moves through our bodies like waves where the sonic sounds can be felt as well as heard. The body and mind relax and come into homeostasis which is the state where healing takes place and our bodies come back into balance.

You will leave this practice feeling relaxed, refreshed, balanced and at peace.

* 2 Hour Workshop

Crystal Bowl Meditation
The healing vibrational sounds of the singing crystal bowls will accompany a meditative journey to relaxation.

Meditation is awareness with observation.  Allowing your body to become still and bringing awareness to the sensations in the physical body without reacting is where healing begins.  Adding the pure sonic sound of the crystal bowls will focus and clear the mind while the vibrations will wash over the body to release tension and stress.  

You will leave this practice feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

* One Hour Workshop
Inspired Living Workshops - Creating a Life You LOVE!
Far too many of us just aren't happy.  We wear the social mask of who we think we should and need to be and do, only to feel overwhelmed and anxious.  We've forgotten who we really are and what we really want. We hear that happiness is an inside job, but from where we stand, we don't know where to begin to how to get there.  

This series of 12 workshops creates a roadmap to the REAL you and uncovers the obtacles that are holding you back from CREATING A LIFE YOU LOVE!

1. Mindfulness Matters: Introduction to Meditation
2. The Art of Extreme Self Care
3. Attitude of Gratitude
4. The How of Happiness
5. The Gift of Change
6. A Walk on the Dark Side: Your Shadow
7. Forgiveness: The Healing Tool
8. The Art of Giving and Receiving
9. Awaken the Power Within
10. Money - A Love Story
11. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone & Grow!
12. Your Story - Starting a New Chapter

* Offered live, online and personal - see calendar below for schedule